Drabble #3 Entries

The Stories for Drabble #3
Good News, Bad News
The Waste
Things Get Loose At Night
Old Couples Look Alike I Quip
The Fire
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
The Shirt
I'm Not Really Listening
Naomi's Four-Stage Plan
​ There Are Days...
​The Storm in My Head
​A Bike Was More Than A Bike
He Called Me Again, I Think It's Love!
​The Silence
​Out of Time
​The Cave
​A Lesson in Thought
Freda Allsop's Cat
Ahead of the Mark
Nursery Visit
​Eveline's Ashes
Collision Course
Watercolours Bleeding
The Gift
The Struggling Author
Celestial Equator
Madness Marches On
​Green Seas
Rocks in the Water
​Murder in the Dark
What Miss Austen Left Out
​The Cat Article
​Hit and Run
Every Breath You Take
The Hero
Cold Cut Ridge
Goodbye Veronica
Life Underwater
​A Memory
Drowning in Milk
Being Human
The Lake
Into the Unknown
Moving On
The Avalanche and the Goat
They Did This
A Jealous Statue
Acid Test
Beam Me Up
Uncertain Vision
A Bush
Cryptic Clue
Being Late
Long Lost Lover
Last Day of June
9am-5pm 7pm-12am
Current Times
The Month Gran got hooked on The Wire
Sinking into Betrayal
Humans Are Not Allowed
Morning Performance
Die After Live
I Don't Have A Tail
True Freedom
A Decision Well Made?

Winner - Drabble #2

Story #10
The Ball
Come on. Throw it…
Yeah, of course I’m ready. Throw, throw, throw!
Where’d it go? Where?
It went this way. I know it did. Where, where, where?
Is that it? Nope. Similar, but not right.
This is it! Yay!
Quick. Pick it up, pick it up. Before anybody steals it.
Gottit, gottit.
Now, quickly, which way did I come from? Gotta get back to him.
Back as fast as I possibly can.
Look, look. I found it. Here it is
Sorry it’s a bit slobbery.
Throw it again? Pleeeeeeez?
Yay! Again.
I could play this game all day long.

(c) Andrew Troth

Drabble #2


* WINNER £35 *
Story #10 The Ball by Andrew Troth - 436 Votes 

Story #18 A-List Meditations by Freyja Torn - 411 Votes
Story #23 Hands Across Time by Julie Sheridan - 398 Votes
Story #38 Flattened by Benjamin Giles - 380 Votes
Story #45 Midnight Tunes by Savior Eyo - 379 Votes
Story #42 The Door by Sam Palmer - 374 Votes
Story #16 Move and You Die by Zoe Powell - 359 Votes
Story #08 Greyhound, Wind by Karen Walker - 312 Votes
Story #34 Clockwork by Jonah Levkowitz - 311 Votes
Story #01 The Mirror by Ryan McCormack - 299 Votes
Story #05 A Picture of Youth by Robert Grossmith - 280 Votes
Story #14 Elizabeth by Hannah Arnott - 265 Votes
Story #22 Goldilocks by Paige Lawson - 262 Votes
Story #29 Rhubarb by Keith Davison - 254 Votes
Story #36 Legs by Brian Webster - 244 Votes
Story #02 The Pet Detective by Tiffany Tripson - 211 Votes
Story #12 The Greeness of Home by MJ Christie - 208 Votes
Story #15 Fall from Grace by Wally Smith - 201 Votes
Story #03 A Slippery Dish by Alyson Rhodes - 198 Votes
Story #25 The Bird Feeders by Andy Mannion - 170 Votes
Story #32 Choices by Megan Rutter - 140 Votes
Story #41 Philosophical Psycopath by Akeem Balogun -121 Votes
Story #33 After the Crash by Judith Bristow - 118 Votes
Story #21 Wittgenstein's Cat by Paula Puolakka - 99 Votes
Story #13 Revealed Secret by Inguna Broze - 76 Votes
Story #04 Death by Bernie Hanvey - 74 Votes
Story #11 The Pebble by Franecs Tate - 73 Votes
Story #27 Weapons by Rose Tempest - 71 Votes
Story #30 Snapped by Talitha van Niekerk - 70 Votes
Story #35 Kerbside by Andrew Jolly - 68 Votes
Story #40 The Itch by Chiara Picchi - 65 Votes
Story #43 Duty Free by Mairi Jack - 59 Votes
Story #44 Wishes by Juliana Galloway = 52 Votes
Story #28 The Son's Plea by Julie Sanford - 52 Votes
Story #20 An Unlucky Accident by Carrie Hewlett - 51 Votes
Story #19 Work/Life Balance by Craig Potter - 51 Votes
Story #26 Sunshine by Linda Golding - 51 Votes
Story #45 Goodbye by Ella Mae Andersson  - 49 Votes
Story #31 Last Words by Alex Morrison - 48 Votes
Story #24 Rituals by Joe Luther - 48 Votes
Story #07 The Day I Died by Steph Sweeney - 45 Votes
Story #09 Tumbleweed by Olga Godmin - 44 Votes
Story #06 Pulse by Jamie Harding - 44 Votes
Story #17 But Not Forgotten by Emily Nicholson - 40 Votes
Story #37 What Is It You Ask? by Nasrin Sultana - 37 Votes